Welcome to Bioref

The Bioref Master’s program was built by four
recognized partners in their respective fields to address
the lack of training in the growing field of biorefineries.

You will learn to recognize usable biomass,
produce it, process it and transform it into chemical building blocks,
polymers and fuels.

You will also be able to assess the impact on the local environment of the implementation of such an industry in the rural world.


Are you interested ?




The Master Bioref at the MIT

The bioref master was presented on the MIT campus by the University of Lille! We take advantage of this post to remind you that this is the last straight line for the first call for applications!

Only 10 Days to go !

We remind you that you have only 10 days left to fill in your application form for our Bioref Master and maybe have the chance to benefit from an Erasmus Scholarship. However, a second session will be opened on the 4th of March 2020 only to European students and to non-European students living in Europe, […]