Student Application for admission in the Biorefprogramme is entitled for students holding a Eurobachelor in Chemistry or equivalent education in the field of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Chemical Engineering. Students from all over the world are welcome to join the program.


Step 1. Pre-selection:

Applicants submit their electronic file to the programme coordinating institution for administrative checking and validation (i.e. that all documents are certified and correctly translated). Each applicant receives an acknowledgement of receipt of his electronic files.

Step 2. Review and mark:

Files are reviewed and marked on a scale from 1 (very poor) to 5 (outstanding) for each selection criteria by restricted academic board. Each file being examined at least two times thus receives at least two marks which are added and automatically averaged. After a first analysis and ranking of the applications, a shortlist determines students that will be interviewed by evaluators.

Step 3. Interview of shortlisted candidates:

The interview is designed to explore candidates’ motivation to study on the BIOREF course, their critical thinking skills and general understanding of bioeconomy.  Candidates will also be able to ask questions about the BIOREF course.  Where possible, interviews will be conducted using Skype (audio and/or video).  Alternatively, it will be possible to phone shortlisted candidates on a landline or mobile number.

Step 4. Final ranking:

The final ranking of applicants will be made by combining the scores from the online applications and informations from the interview. The generated ranking is used by the Academic Board to establish a selection of approximately 50 applicants.

The Bioref Consortium creates the following lists based on the final ranking of the short-listed application, awarding the Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree scholarship to the top ranked students:

  • Program Country Students – Admitted List
  • Program Country Students – Waiting List
  • Partner Country Students – Admitted List
  • Partner Country Studetns – Waiting List

As soon as the lists are published, awarded students will receive a welcome box by mail which will contain everything he/she needs to manage his/her arrival (an admission letter describing the financial conditions, Erasmus+ certificate of scholarship award when applicable, an invitation letter from UTT, an accommodation form, a student guide and maps). The student guide includes all academic and practical information (regarding visa application, housing facilities, cost of living, enrolment formalities, and list of documents to be provided by the students for all formalities, library, sports, medical house and other facilities available on campus).

Student application process

Selected students will receive electronic invitation letter including all necessary information regarding inquiries about their visa applications. Documents will be sent to embassies in order to avoid sending original version by postal services. On request Bioref administrative can send original version and can interfere to the relevant embassies.

Common admission criteria

The evaluation criteria are listed below and the percentages in brackets represent the weight of each criteria:

  • Ranking of Academic Institution where undergraduate studies were carried out (based on the Shanghai ranking) (5%)
  • Academic records of previous studies (40%)
  • Scientific background of previous studies (20%)
  • Acquired practical experience (5%)
  • Motivation letter (10%)
  • Recommendation letters (10%)
  • Awards and grants (10%)
  • Mastering of English language (mandatory)