Cracow is the historical capital of Poland, and as such, it is very deeply rooted in Polish tradition and culture. There is almost a tangible feel of history in the atmosphere of Cracow, strengthen by a number of museums and galleries. The theatres, a philharmonic and an opera house – all these places, together with a number of musical and film festivals, offer unforgettable cultural experience.

Cracow is also one of the most prominent academic centres in Poland with over 150,000 students community coming annually to study at one of 23 universities. Plenty of cafés, pubs and student associations cause that the city is very vivid.

In addition to having all the benefits of a large city, including very well developed public transportation (trams, busses, short and long distance trains and planes), plenty of hotels, hostels and student dormitories, and numerous shopping malls and restaurants, Cracow is also very close to the Tatra Mountains (with many ski resorts and trekking routes near Zakopane), beautiful national parks – Pieniny and Ojców, as well as Dunajec River Gorge, which offers some interesting rafting opportunities, and easy access to more than 10 public thermal pools.

The city attracts thousands of tourists every year, regardless of a season.

Cracow marché
Cracow église
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Cracow campus

A strong policy for welcoming international students

Currently, the university educates 13.5 thousand full-time and part-time students of first (bachelor), second (master), PhD and postgraduate studies. The educational offer comprises 31 programmes of bachelor and master studies in Polish at 8 faculties. Moreover, 7 faculties offer 12 degree programmes in English (http://iro.pk.edu.pl/diploma-studies-2/), both at the bachelor (http://iro.pk.edu.pl/bachelors-degree/) and master (http://iro.pk.edu.pl/masters-degree/) levels.

All of the CUT faculties offer a wide variety of English-taught courses (http://iro.pk.edu.pl/incoming-exchange-students/) for international exchange students from partner universities.

Such a wide range of programmes means variety of intellectual exploration and solving challenging tasks under the supervision of qualified scientific faculty. In the framework of bilateral agreements and the Erasmus + programme, Cracow University of Technology conducts research cooperation and student exchange with more than 160 international universities and institutes from 54 countries around the world. The detailed information on our partners can be found on http://iro.pk.edu.pl/international-cooperation /.

Helping students get started

Each year more than 600 international students are admitted by CUT. This community is supported by the International Relations Office, Erasmus Office, as well as the CUT Erasmus Student Network association, that have a great experience in organization of extra sport, cultural and social events for international students. Students can also develop and deepen their interest joining 82 CUT scientific associations, whose activities often go beyond the walls of the university. They have opportunity to develop passion for sports becoming members of the CUT Academic Sports Association and using the CUT Sports and Recreation Centre. Our social and sports facilities belong to the most modern and sophisticated of all Cracow universities and technical universities in Poland. The university offers its students almost 2 thousand places in four dormitories.